Tired of ‘too skinny’, Lightning strikes top labels

The fashion industry has long been heralded a proponent of unhealthy visions of anorexic super models. Starved, too thin women who would be put up on a pedestal if their doctors and agents thought their frail bodies would be able to stand the elevation.

The growing popularity of social media has allowed opponents of the unattainable model images to fight back with hashtag wars, anti-photoshop viral posts and tantalizing Pintrest images of ice cream fudge brownie sundaes.

Tired of fighting against the bad press, the leaders of the most bootlegged purse on the planet, Louis Vuitton has teamed up with the most downloaded girl with unnatural hair from Japan (suck it Hatsune Miku.)


Lightning, star of a popular gaming franchise at its lowest popularity peak in its near 30 year history, still managed to release three titles despite the headliner series’ struggles. Many attribute this to her “strong and tough” nature which is what initially drew her fans in and what also resulted in her being discovered in the first place.


When reached out for comment, the model had this to say:




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