Gamestop Strips Amazon, Best Buy of Pre-Order Bonus. Also Requests to Bend over and Cough.

Gamestop reportedly spent millions of rupees embezzled from hardworking gamers on locking up the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Soundtrack pre-order bonus for themselves, after everyone had already pre-ordered it from Best Buy and Amazon (retailers we hate much less) who also advertised the soundtrack gift with purchase.

According to the Nintendo Direct that announced the special edition Twilight Princess HD set complete with a new Wolfy Link Amiibo, early pre-orders would come complete with the game’s soundtrack through Best Buy and Amazon, no mention of the sneaky hate troll Gamestop who’s akin to the kid that smells awful and no one can stand sitting next to because they make weird bodily sounds and seem to emit a constant gas from their anus.

A typical Gamestop representative (picture below) had this to say:


“Bwarhahahaha we can do whatever we want and you poor bastards will like it. Power to Glork! You wanna sign up for a membership?”

Sorry suckers who put down their money at an honest retailer that doesn’t make them hate themselves every time they¬†do business.

Though this only applies to the poor bastards in North America. If you’re in Europe the special edition will come with the soundtrack regardless if you purchase it from Amazon, Gameseek, Best Buy, Wal-Mart or that weird homeless guy on the corner. It will also include a gold Amiibo, hookshot replica and voucher for a real pony.

Gamestop: hates the players, loves the game.