Square Enix creates most expensive DLC

Final Fantasy fans can feel the HYPE surrounding the most anticipated game in the series since X. The game many people are saying will give the drying up franchise a much needed status boost.

The company hosted a spectacular free event for fans at The Shrine in Los Angeles titled “FFXV Uncovered” where many hype inducing announcements were made with celebrity appearances and a full party of Final Fantasy royalty.

Among the things uncovered that night was for the Ultimate Collector’s Edition that has become a stable of AAA game releases. This one was the grand daddy summon  of collector’s edition at a whopping $270. Over $100 more than what ultimate editions typically go for, packed with physical and digital goodies alike.

High price for sure, but look at all the cool shit you get!


Wait, what was that?

ffxv dlc2

Yeah, no not the figure with exclusive fancy plastic weapon sword…

ffxv dlc3

THAT shit. The part about the five episode anime releasing on YouTube that was stressed was “FREE” to all but with a tiny caveat of a sixth episode they locked up in a $270 package that sold out to 30,000 people in one night. (Fortunately, this edition that was once exclusively available through the Square Enix Store is now exclusively available through eBay for triple the price 😀 )

This was conveniently left out of the announcement at Uncovered.

At these times it’s important to remember that the good things in life aren’t free, especially for Final Fantasy fans. This is what credit cards are for right?