Myst remake: The Witness, Blows away gaming community

Exploring an abandoned island, solving puzzles in increasing difficulty, finding audio logs along the way, unraveling the mysterious story that ties it all together, sound familiar?Though you don’t have to worry about booting up your windows 95 to enjoy the beauty of the classic island puzzler in glorious HD this year.

Available on PS4 and PC, The Witness is the latest gaming endeavor Jonathan Blow is taking credit for.  Below is the map from an early build of the game:

(so much shade)

All the fan favorite elements from the original Myst has been painstakingly recreated with a bright new color palate and mostly new puzzles to tease your mushy mind and transform you into a super solver puzzle wizard (or frustrated rage machine) by the time you survive the 50+ hour long side quest.

It has the segregated raised telescopes! (liberties taken with upgraded telescope)

Windmills surrounded by rock family!

Water trees!

Sunken Ships!

Wavy Puzzles!*

*wavy puzzle is actually from Myst:Exile

Even if you lived through the original Myst and also chose voluntarily to play through the sequels: Riven, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages (admit it, you used the strategy guide) and Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (come on, we both know you haven’t even heard of that one), The Witness is not to be missed.

TheCake gives this remake 10 mega balloons out of 10. Way to blow it out of the water Blow!